Asia’s Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

Southeast Asia’s lush tropical landscape and patchwork of ancient civilizations, combined with relatively low prices for western travelers, has drawn a steady stream of backpackers since the counter-cultural movement of ...

Two Weeks in Australia

Australia’s vast wilderness, relieved by a handful of vibrant modern metropolises, is one of the world’s great travel destinations, containing an immense diversity of cultures and climates, tastes and terrain ...

Europe’s Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

Europe’s varied terrain, vibrant history and wildly diverse cultures and cuisines make it a terrifically rich place for wanderers to explore. It’s also incredibly compact, a jigsaw of countries and ...

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10 Destinations like Paris

Paris is an inimitable city, its grand boulevards shooting off from the Seine like arteries, leading to iconic art galleries, boutique fashion stores, great literary quarters and innumerable fabulous cafes and bistros. If you’re infatuated with its many charms – the culture, the architecture, the food, the coffee, the shopping, the hotels, the views and […]

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The beautiful and colorful Dutch-inspired buildings of Curacao.

Five Family Friendly Caribbean Spring Break Destinations

Every spring sees packed planes of families and couples escaping their own cold temperatures for a tranquil sea down south, hoping to bring color back into their skin and to get a boost of summer before everyone else. However, as much as beaches are more or less all the same, no two Caribbean destinations are […]

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A private pool with a view of the Hong Kong Harbour? Yes, please!

Review of the InterContinental Hong Kong

Wow. Is all you can say when you walk into the huge living room complete with grand piano and double-height, floor-to-ceiling windows. And through the windows you can spy the room’s private, infinity-edge pool against the 180-degree uninterrupted backdrop of Hong Kong’s famous city skyline. This is the Presidential Suite at the InterContinental, and at […]

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The Five Best Hikes in Hong Kong

You wouldn’t know it from your first glimpse at its famous glass and steel skyline, but nearly three-quarters of Hong Kong is undeveloped countryside – a patchwork of windswept ridgelines and overgrown valleys that covers the length and breadth of the territory. Many urbanites head to the hills to hike on the weekend to escape […]

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The Five Best Temples in Hong Kong

Ditch the shopping malls and skyscrapers and delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage with a visit to one of Hong Kong’s top five temples. Nowhere is better to learn all there is to know about the hopes, dreams, fears and superstitions of this city’s industrious urbanites – especially true during Chinese New Year and […]

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24 Hours in Hong Kong

A single day in Hong Kong is definitely not long enough to do this great city justice. But, if you’re on a layover on your way to Bali or you just want to go big on your first day in Hong Kong, we’ll show you how to hit up all the major tourist hot spots […]

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8 Tips on Finding Cheap Flights from London to Hong Kong

There’s no question about it, Hong Kong really is one of those destinations that seems to jump from the pages of travel brochures, drawing would-be visitors in with the promise of authentic Asian city living, shimmering downtown architecture and sleepless entertainments. Then there’s its business side and beating financial nerve center, attracting entrepreneurs and suited […]

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5 Tips on Finding Cheap Flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong

Imagine glittering skyscrapers rising before a deep blue bay, all shrouded by looming coastal peaks, criss-crossed by rattling trams and peppered with boats and jetties sticking this way and that. No, I’m not talking about Vancouver, I’m talking about Hong Kong; a whopping 10,000 kilometres away across the Northern Pacific and more than 12-hours by […]

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The view of Honolulu from the peak of Diamond Head.

The 10 Most Visited Cities in the United States by Foreign Travelers (2013)

The 2013 year-end statistics are in from the National Travel and Tourism Office on the most popular cities in the United States with international visitors. Altogether, 32 million international travelers ventured to the United States in 2013 and almost all of them managed to make it to one of these 10 cities. While no city […]

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The 10 Most Visited States in the United States by Foreign Travelers (2013)

Want to know which states are winning the race for valuable tourism dollars from overseas visitors? Well, check out the latest statistics from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries which tracks inbound tourism to the United States. Below readers will find the 10 most visited states in the United States by overseas travelers in […]

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