Resort Review: Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island, Queensland


There are millions of visitors to Australia every year. The majority coming to major cities dotting the coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns and so on. Those cities are great and very beautiful, but to see the real fantasy of this vast land one must explore, seek out the magic that awaits those that take the time to sail the islands, the Whitsunday’s, Magnetic Island and especially Fraser Island. This “lost in time” island is located in Hervey Bay, the whale watching center of the entire world. You must sail from the mainland coast, across the aqua green water of the bay in order to reach this fairytale land of Fraser Island. It is the world’s largest sand island. Home to wild and rare animals, plants, jungle, long undisturbed beaches and just happens to be home to one of the best resorts in the world. The Kingfisher Bay Resort was built and remains a part of the island, blending into and capturing the essence of the land. When you sail into the island’s harbor and step off the boat, it doesn’t stand out in defiance of the horizon, it simply beckons it’s new arrivals with a subtle taste of what is waiting.

I adored my time on this island and felt like a child again, mystified by the wonder of nature. I do not receive any payment or promises in writing this review. I only feel the need to express my own personal experience at Kingfisher. I would return to this magical place a hundred times and still feel enchanted. The interior is deep and mostly raw land, overwhelmed by time and jungle. The trip across is an adventure in itself, but opens your senses even more as you wander out of the forest onto the never ending white beach. Drive your rental four wheel drive North to the cliffs and then further to the ship wreck laying dead like a ghost on the sandy shore. Even further North to the point that Captain Cook named Indian Head after the hundreds of Aborigine’s that climbed the cliff to watch his voyage. There you can look into the endless expanse of blue water and occasionally spot the frolic of the whales.

The Kingfisher is welcoming, tasteful, charming, powerful, entertaining, soul restoring and encompasses all of your needs and desires. What more can be said of any human endeavor. Their cuisine is flavor extraordinaire and they anticipate your requirements without intruding on your conversations. The three pools are designed to soothe the eye and wet the flesh with style and elegance. The many restaurants and cafes follow you as if waiting to serve. The lounges are there when and where you need them and soon ease any doubt as to the skills of their tenders. Style, comfort, quality, warm sun, gentle breeze, clear blue water, senses being savored and adventure all on one mythical Island. Nature at its best, people at their best, make for a lifetime of memories. When you decide to drink from the cup of life and reward yourself, come to Fraser Island and walk through those welcoming doors of Kingfisher, be sure to tell them Mike Smith said hi!

We toured Fraser Island and stayed with the gentle people at Kingfisher Bay Resort for several days and absolutely had the most inspiring vacation. Memories this old road hog won’t soon forget. I recommend this Resort and this island to any and everyone.

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A view of a beautiful beach in Fraser Island.

A view of a beautiful beach in Fraser Island.


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