Hotel Review: Kingsford Riverside Inn, Brisbane


Traveler’s Digest toured Australia for several months starting in June 2002. This country as far as I am concerned is one of the best in the world. Diverse, multicultural, vast, friendly, with huge rainforests, awe inspiring beaches, hundreds of tropical islands and great cities. One of these is Brisbane. The city is built around a curving river that flows East into the sea. The river, The Brisbane, is key to the energy and architect of the cities 1.6 million hard working people. In the day, the city is well lit by the warmth of the sun and also well lit at night by the many pubs, lounges and restaurants. Downtown the city intertwines with the river, producing a beautiful river walk, shopping bazaar, arts center and a magnificent saltwater pool that twists and turns it’s way into the glorious landscape of native trees and plants. Cafe’s and park benches outline the pool that sits on the rivers edge. It is extremely well designed with form and function. Bridges with overhanging canopies connect both sides of the pool, so you can walk, both, to the river and the bazaar. It has a sand beach on one side where you can lay out and catch a tan. I was really impressed with the time and energy that the city spent building this park and pool. It is totally free to the public and even has life guards to keep you safe. While you are in Brisbane enjoy “South Bank Beach” and cool off in this beautiful public pool. No chlorine to burn your eyes, but as clean as water anywhere! When we arrived in Brisbane around the 8th of July 2002 we knew that we wanted to lodge close to the river, but not right downtown where the city noise would disturb our sleep. I researched the area and finally located a quiet area a few kilometers up the river to a place called Hamilton, a suburb, but still connected to the city. We drove the short distance to Kingsford Smith Dr. The hotel of our choice, The Kingsford Riverside Inn, was perfect. It’s only a few hundred meter’s from the horse and dog track and across the street from the river. The location was close to shopping, gas, cafe’s and a river walk for biking, jogging or just strolling. The building itself is an older stylish hotel, built when quality was important. It is three stories and most of the rooms have quite good views of the river. The rooms are clean, well kept, large and very comfortable. It’s not the Ritz or the Hilton, it is just a good hotel for families or anyone that doesn’t want to spend their entire vacation money on a room. The baths are large and yes, you do have to walk a few steps down the hall, but that adds mystique to the hotel.

The hotel is owned and operated by a very tall and friendly man. His name is Charles Doyle. He has a very adventurous background, having been a British soldier stationed in the troubled Middle East when Britain was a big influence in that part of the world. I am sure he saw a lot of the best and the worst of mankind. It obviously didn’t have any negative effect on him, because he was a very interesting, helpful and pleasant man to visit. He is also very knowledgeable about the many tours, the city in general and it’s lively history.

We stayed there for a week and found it to be an overall good experience and always felt welcomed. There is a large kitchen and breakfast is served early, so don’t delay when rising from a good nights sleep. I recommend this hotel and I surely recommend the hosts, Mr. Charles Doyle and his wife Jane. Please give them my regards.

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The skyline of downtown Brisbane.

The skyline of downtown Brisbane.


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