Hotel Review: Mercury Bay Beachfront Resort in Whitianga, New Zealand


There are so many beautiful and enchanting places in this fabulous country that time forgot, that it is hard to recommend any one place over the other. If I had to choose one place in particular that I enjoyed, it would be the beautiful bay of Whitianga. It’s under a three hour drive from Auckland and yet seems on the other side of the world. It has to be one of the best natural fishing harbors in the world and the visual impact on your senses are unforgettable.My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring editor and in June of 2002, myself and a crew of two, from Traveler’s Digest, had the pleasure to spend some time on this bay. We had researched the area and knew that there was only one choice for lodging….. The Mercury Bay Beachfront Resort.

After driving through the windy hills, from Auckland, and stopping every ten minutes to snap a photo, we were a little tired when we arrived at the resort. I really had no fixed concept of what the resort would look like. Sometimes, a lot of times, things are deceiving and so it was with this resort. Looking at the front of the building it didn’t seem to fit the description of a typical resort. We checked in and was warmly greeted as if we were long lost friends. Very Nice! Walking into our rooms, did I say rooms? There was several rooms in each of the two suites. Very large and well furnished. The windows were all open to allow the salted sea air to freshen our arrival. Each unit had a full kitchen and the morning makings for fresh coffee and tea. Don’t you love it when you wake up and don’t have to run out half a sleep and look for a cafe just to have your morning caffeine? Little things do make a difference.

The bay was beautiful, the resort, first class and totally refreshing. We have nothing to say about this town and this resort but good words. New Zealand is the adventure of a lifetime, so please take the time to explore it all. Every kilometer, every hour you are wandering around this fairy tale land, believe me…it only gets better.

Traveler’s Digest recommends the Mercury Bay Beachfront Resort. It’s the place you will always remember fondly. Bring the wife, the kids, the entire neighborhood or come alone, they will take good care of you and give you something to take back home….GREAT MEMORIES!

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Whitianga is a charming coastal town on New Zealand's North Island.

Whitianga is a charming coastal town on New Zealand's North Island.


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