Hotel Review: Quality Hotel, Paihia, New Zealand


My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring editor for Traveler’s Digest. Every year we travel around this glorious planet looking for unique and beautiful places. We also seek adventures that strengthen the spirit. To know your world and its people is to know yourself.

Our small touring party had been in New Zealand for only a short time and had already experienced more than most have in a lifetime. New Zealand is a mysterious, magical wonderland. We had left Auckland after a few days and drove north to the upper coast of the island. We had arranged a stay at The Quality Hotel Auto lodge in the small seaport village of Paihia. I had researched the area, but there was not a lot of available information. The data I did find promised an adventure, to say the least. 

The drive was long, but never boring. I have never felt so alive. This country is captivating. The small town was very open and the warm smiles of the people were welcoming. The main street town was built on the beach and was lined with open sidewalk cafes and little shops that catered on a one to one basis. No giant malls here. Thank Goodness! Across the street from the beach was Quality Hotel Auto lodge. We parked in front and walked into the very open decor of the lobby. It wasn’t long before the proprietor, Dave Campbell, greeted us. A genuinely friendly man and after a short greeting, he showed us to our rooms.

After unpacking we walked along the beach and snapped some photos of a spectacular sunset. After a little dinner we were off to one of the lounges for a couple games of billiards. Later we returned to the Inn and enjoyed a quiet and peaceful night of sleep. The rooms were well furnished, the beds were firm and comfortable and our entire experience was good. The landscape was balanced with trees and flora, very well managed, as was the hotel. 

Our staff toured the Paihia area in June 2002 and recommend the Quality Hotel Auto lodge as a safe, enjoyable and high quality lodging experience…such the name…Quality Hotel Auto lodge…. it say’s it all!

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Paihia has some of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand.

Paihia has some of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand.


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