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The world of business is extensive and demanding, it covers every region of the globe and one hotel stands out above the rest when it comes to serving the needs of the business traveler…The Hyatt family of hotels. In the second largest city of the world, Sao Paulo, Brazil, the business capital of the southern hemisphere, there is the epitome of hotels…The Grand Hyatt. Twenty two floors of exceptional quality, luxury and amenities. Where nothing is overlooked or taken for granted, the Grand Hyatt definitely sets new standards in the world of hotels.

The crew of Traveler’s Digest flew into this large metropolitan on the 23rd of Feb 2004 from our six month tour of South Africa and there was no doubt on which hotel we would select. The Grand Hyatt, the first in Brazil, was situated in the heart of the business center and in the proximity of everything we needed in order to conduct our business in the city. Walking through their expansive lobby to their lounge where we sought relaxation and revitalization after our eleven hour flight, we casually and silently savored a bottle of fine wine, choosing one from a list of 3000 was not left to chance, as the waiter was more than pleased to offer her suggestions. After the wine, we dined on some local dishes, prepared by the in house chief. The atmosphere was orderly and fluent as the staff effortlessly rose to our every need and without a word of intrusion they served us with grace and style. After a hour, we strolled to the counter where we were greeted with smiling anticipation. The elevator quickly and quietly carried us to the 22nd floor and to our rooms.

The rooms were not spared of any amenity and spoke proudly of marble and Brazilian oak. The large room with two marvelously inviting beds were accompanied with an expansive window offering inspiring views of the enveloping skyline. The silence and the visual enhancement immediately elevated our thoughts to the highest level of serenity. The grand bathroom gave enticement and selection, offering both glass shower and a large bathtub. The separate basin and giant mirror allowed openness while privatizing its functions from the bathroom. The spacious business desk provided phone access for our computers and was accompanied by a large, multi channeled television and CD stereo arrangement. The crucial, but basic of amenities, the telephone, not to be left placated to simplicity, was endowed with two separate lines and directory to the switchboard.

We spent eight days, evenings and restful nights at this fine establishment and without doubt or intrusion we were welcomed and attended to with courtesy and respect. Our days were filled with not only our work at their business center, but with many hours spent at the indoor gym, spa and enjoying the indoor pool in the heat of day and the outdoor pool when the late afternoon sun was more forgiving. The early evenings were quietly spent at the lounge and our nights were, of course, enjoyed in our air conditioned rooms and anything of desire was just a phone call away. On many occasions we ordered in room dining at ten o`clock in the evening and coffee at 5 o`clock in the morning. Room service was always available.

Traveler’s Digest stands behind our firm commitment to seek out the best the world has to offer and The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a welcomed member to our family of international businesses. Brazil is a fascinating and abundantly beautiful country…Sao Paulo is truly an unforgettable city and the Grand Hyatt will provide you, your friends and your business associates, security, comfort and luxury. A distinguished balance of amenities and function. We assure you a quality stay at this fine hotel…The Grand Hyatt of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Sao Paulo, with over 20 million residents, is one of the world's largest cities.

Sao Paulo, with over 20 million residents, is one of the world's largest cities.


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