Resort Review: Royal Kona Resort, Hawaii Island


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Arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii, we had three weeks in which to explore this paradise. We soon discovered that it was a nature lovers paradise with its amazing beaches, volcanoes, deep jungles, wildlife and giant waterfalls. We trekked the volcano’s, probed the rain forest, hiked the enchanted mountains and shopped for bargains from mountain vendors and locals in small villages. We swam, sunbathed and kicked sand on every mile of beach and everyday discovered something new and even most fascinating. Bathed with Polynesian culture and hospitality the island is exotic, beautiful and adventurous. Covered with rare tropical flowers and bizarre plants, as well as mind boggling forests the island provides excellent mountain climbing and trekking, along with an endless array of water activities; such as, surfing, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and superb deep sea fishing. Whatever you do it will be in one of the world’s most beautiful and relaxing environments. While in the Royal Resort definitely book one of their twice weekly authentic and traditional Luaus, where you will not only be finely dined, but will be amazingly entertained by the fire dancers. In addition, be sure to visit the islands creator…the flowing lava fields. (Below pic. of Hawaii’s Kilauea Lava Flow)
The large island of Hawaii can be reached via short multi-daily flights from Honolulu and most other Hawaiian islands.

We had made lodging arrangements with the absolute best resort on the Island of Hawaii, “The Royal Kona Resort.” We prefer more natural and less obtrusive resorts and hotels and this resort while offering the best location, amenities, etc. was built with nature in mind. It blended into the scenery without disrupting the balance and grandeur of nature, while preserving the prehistoric landscape. It rested like a giant eagles nest perched on rocky cliffs overlooking the hypnotic waters of the majestic bay. Man and nature blending their resources to create a mixture of serenity and prestigious comfort. The Royal Kona Resort fulfilled our need for tranquility, entertainment and inspirational bewilderment. Beaches, excellent cuisine, fantastic lounges, phenomenal views, and staff that magically appear when you want them and then warmly disappear leaving you to your thoughts. Hawaii is famous for its inspiring sunsets and at the Royal Kona you won’t miss a one. (Above pics. Luaus Dancers) Twice weekly the staff perform their ancient fire dance while preparing a Luau feast. The backdrop is a kaleidoscope of oranges, reds, gold’s and purples as the sun slowly submerges into the swells of the conquering ocean. This night of festivities was once only performed for kings, but now its being performed for visitors as a celebration gift of welcoming you to Hawaii.

Each of the Royal Kona Resort’s spacious guestrooms features a large lanai with beautiful mountain vistas or magnificent ocean views.

Traveler’s Digest enjoyed our adventures in the entirety of the Hawaiian Islands and was especially exasperated at the beauty of the big island of Hawaii. When you do decide to come to Hawaii secure your vacation by booking with Traveler’s Digest. We work hard in making all your travel and vacations as smooth as possible, while insuring your journey will be an unforgettable experience.

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The coast of Hawaii Island.

The coast of Hawaii Island.


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