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This was the beginning of our 4-year world tour & we were excited to finally be on our way. One more night and we’re out of here! Driving up the beautiful coast of California, from San Diego, we were all verbally quite as we mentally prepared ourselves for our new adventures. It was late by the time we reached San Francisco and the famous Hippie Commune of the sixties…Haight Ash-bury! As a kid, I lived here and I know things change and time keeps on marching, that’s for sure, but giving up the memories of Jimmy Hendrix and Mama Cass…no way man! They’re as vivid as what I had for breakfast…what did I have? Oh, well!

I thought we could spend our last night here on memory lane and after a few moments of being totally blinded by “Pink & Red” flashing lights, I concluded they were coming from a hotel. Unlike any I’d ever parked my horse in front of…that’s for sure. Out of pure curiosity…more like a moth to a flame…we wandered into the lobby. It was dripping with lace and all that frou-frou stuff, as Fraser’s Dad calls everything that doesn’t have tape on it. Why not? I was beyond my macho years of bull riding and drinking three bottles of Jack Daniels on a bet…This was pushing it, but I could handle it! One night in this unique (girlie) hotel couldn’t damage my reputation too much and if anyone said a word…they’d be swimming to Hawaii.

San Francisco is an exciting city and the night was cool, as usual, as we wandered the streets, stopping to browse the beads & leather boutiques. People actually wear this stuff? In one shop there was these weird pipes everywhere. Some were four feet tall…smoking what? Fill up one of these and you could get the whole city high! We strolled in to a cute little cafe for some hearty food and don’t these people ever eat anything with fat and salt? A pleasant dinner of Yogurt and cheese would have to do. Feeling like a mouse…we headed to the hotel and into our room, for the first time. Our luggage had been carried up by some guy in tights… Flipping on the light switch almost stopped my heart…My bed was round, pink and in the shape of a heart. This cowboy had come a long way! Well…maybe not that far, but a bed was a bed and this was a bed that even Madonna would be proud of…”Quick, pull down the shade…

We had planned on flying out of the Oakland Airport, as it was less crowded and much easier to find your way around. At five the next morning, the alarm went off and we reluctantly crawled from our frou-frou beds to beat the morning rush hour across this glorious city. The airport was about a twenty-mile ride, but should be smooth driving at this time of day, or night, whichever way you might look at it. We had stored all of our personals, cars and about everything else we couldn’t carry in a suitcase and the rented car was to be left at the airport, so we were ready for whatever lay ahead. I love my job!

There was hardly a soul stirring, as smart people here in San Fran stay in bed as long as can when their day extends long into the night. It was a great time to do a little speeding and cruising the car over a hundred (& we’re not talking kilometers here) across the Bay Bridge, it felt good. I have always been a speed demon. Limits, they’re for sissies!

Arriving in the airport we started unloading our bags and bags and bags…my god, where did all this stuff come from? We had to tote this crap across the world and back again. I was getting tired already. OK’ We’re off! The flight was only about six hours, as our first stop was Honolulu Hawaii. I lived here for a few months, once upon a time, now it seemed like a lifetime ago. Damn, was I really this old? It was around noon as the plane circled around the infamous Pearl Harbor on its final approach. I had forgotten just how awesome this place was. Looking out of the small window I could see thousands of happy, wait till they get their hotel bill, snow-bird tourists laying out on Waikiki beach, praying to turn into berries before turning into strawberries.

We were supposed to report to our first tour, but this is Honolulu, it could wait a few hours. Waikiki, here we come and no I ain’t showing my white legs to anybody. Strolling around in my ten-dollar sunglasses and my way overdressed body, we mingled. Four ice-tea’s later, I was ready for anything. Top down, we headed across the island to our fabulous beach house that had been provided by Hawaii Beach Homes. Our company, after research, decided that they were the best for providing the ultimate vacation rentals. As we finally arrived, after a few short detours to recapture some memories, we pulled into the long driveway of an absolutely beautiful house. It wasn’t close to a beach; it was sitting right on the beach. Now, this was living, and who said I didn’t like my job??? That was last year when I was hiking up a mountain in Switzerland.

The house was great! Large open floors, lots of massive windows to welcome the ocean breezes and our own private beach…where’s the beer? This was just the first of our many grand beach homes to enjoy. Hawaii Beach Homes had made arrangements for our staff to stay at four of their luxury homes while we were filming and touring the island. Believe me, it was going to be hard to tour anything with this place to enjoy. Work, work and more work, that’s all these big companies want from their employees… I simply love these people! No one could call this work! Three days of running around the beach and eating our own cooking. Did I say, “our cooking? I’m a bachelor and I’m cooking? Actually, I’m the only one that knows how! These parents nowadays?

Ten days, four beautiful beach houses and memories to last three lifetimes later, we were off to the big island of Hawaii. Thank you Hawaii Beach Homes and to their excellent managers, Delores and her husband, Norris. Thanks for making our vacation, our working vacation, absolutely fantastic! You receive our highest regards and as for your unforgettable homes…what can I say. Anyone that chooses to stay in a hotel in Hawaii, should think long and hard about spending their vacation crowded into an overpriced room along some congestion Hotel Alley. If you’re coming or going to Hawaii, call them! You will have a thousand reasons to thank them, just as we did. Big group, romantic get away, large family or business gathering? They have your vacation fantasies ready and waiting.

We, at Traveler’s Digest give our ultimate dream vacation nomination award to Hawaii Beach Homes!

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A beautiful tropical beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

A beautiful tropical beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.


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