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My name is Mike Smith. I am the tour coordinator and promotional Manager for Traveler’s Digest. My job and my objective is to travel the globe seeking its beauty and its secrets. I travel with an experienced filming crew and together we reference the facts and informative data that enlightens our millions of readers. We tour and film every country, continent, island, ocean, river, lake, city, mountain, valley, beach, park, reserve, adventure, excursion and everything in between. If its important to you…its important to us. I write not as a sponsor or critic, but as an individual with an unquenchable thirst for art, culture, scenic treasures, ancient and or modern civilizations, style, form, stimulating adventures and witnessing natures ability to create the beautiful and bizarre. I admire and appreciate the value of difference. This beautiful planet is consistently different and so are the billions of people that live on it. We must never seek to become copies or to be copied. Our heritage, cultures and dreams must be individually preserved. The art to understanding is the ability to appreciate these differences. The Earth and all its people are unique. With an open heart we shall strengthen the bond that makes us all members of the human race! It is better to befriend with the strength of the heart than to segregate with the blindness of ignorance and arrogance. Our message must be universal to each and everyone we meet..unbiased acceptance and respect.

Our crew boarded a train in Singapore and rode north into the deep Malaysian jungle. Our cameras never stopped while the jungle and its mysteries were being displayed on our view finders. The lights of the great city of Kuala Lumpur blinded the darkness as we stepped from the train. The city’s struggle of blending its culturally mixed millions with the rapidly changing concepts of modern life was evident. The great city was nonetheless glowing with tolerance and dignity.

A city with skyscrapers, small humble dwellings, huge office complexes, arts centers and street vendors. A city where the people, both local and foreign, mingle, learning to appreciate their differences and valuing each others contribution to society. It’s an exciting, high energy city.

While we were visiting and touring Kuala Lumpur we chose a centrally located hotel. With style and comfort in mind, we took a taxi to the Shangri-La Hotel. Amidst the hustle and noise of a large metropolitan, it gracefully exhibited it elegance. The tranquil surroundings of the establishment invited us to enter.

As we walked through the lobby we were soon aware that the Shangri-La offered and provided everything that a business convention, vacationing family, couple or individual would require or desire. From the time you walk into their adorned lobby until the time of your departure their warm and professional staff made you feel as appreciated as a long lost friend. The staff were even quick to learn your name and when addressed they responded personally. It was but a small sample of the Shangri-La’s prestige.

The centrally located Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The centrally located Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Experiencing the Shangri-La is co-existing with the artful blending of taste, style, elegance and culture, as if created by a masterful artist. The Shangri-La presents you with excellent dining decor and will tastefully stimulate you to savor a specially prepared cuisine from their master chef.

When you have finished dining, stroll around the lounge, superbly located in the grand area, offering views to the lobby, fountain, shops and the open floors. At night you can enjoy your favorite drink or one of their special blends. Bathe in tranquility as the nightly entertainers amaze you with talent and tasteful melodies. Once the night has grown long you can escape into the splendor of your suite. The tasteful suites are balanced with comfort, size and statue. Many offering great views to the city. In the morning when you are truly rejuvenated, you may dine in your suite or in the hotels cafe.

The Shangri-La is stunning, but when you finally do venture out into the city, as you must, visit the known inspiration of the Petronas Twin Towers. Not only are they the worlds largest buildings, they are a master of engineering. Its only a short walk from the Shangri-La and there are visual splendors at every step. These magnificent giants will make you speechless. After thoroughly absorbing every detail, enter and absorb even more amazement. The complexity, style and elegant form of these towering giants will astound you. The mall offers every possible selection of merchandise and services. The stylish elevators or the open escalators will effortlessly deliver you to any floor, exposing you to hundreds of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and specialty stores. Your impulse will be to remain forever. A truly memorable experience.

Make sure you obtain your free visitors pass to the linking bridge on the 42nd floor. You must ask for your pass before 11 AM: each morning. Bring plenty of film, the visible expanse of the city will entice you to capture every detail.

While wandering the lanes, alleyways and boulevards of this diverse city I experienced some challenges when filming. The massive buildings squeezed the very sky for space and offered no clarity when filming. I then centered my attention on much more than a scene or main object. I focused on its style, form, detail, depth, color, accessibility, function, art, clarity, tone, lighting and its balance. I studied how it worked together as a unit, whether a building, room, painting, sunset or other. Once I had satisfied myself as to its energy I would then choose to film it or not. Objectivity should always be a factor in clarification of beauty or form. With that in mind, I must say that I was impressed with the city and the Shangri-La. They both created light, warmth and stylish form. A photographers dream.

As when filming, I use artful discretion to review everything, ancient ruins, a crumbling castle or a hotel. I try to form few, if any, preconceptions. Even when touring a five star hotel, I do so with little expectations. Beginning with the first impression, I then continue my search for its clarity, basing my objectivity on both the visionary and tangible refinements of experiencing it’s entirety. Our company has reviewed countless hotels across the globe and without even the slightest hesitation, I applaud the taste, style and eloquent statements made by the, Kuala Lumpur, Shangri-La Hotel. As one of the worlds leading hotel chains, the Kuala Lumpur Shangri-La Hotel definitely shares and even elevates the high regard they hold for their customers.

Traveler’s Digest toured the Shangri-La for several days as unacknowledged guests and recommend it without hesitation. It is a finely balanced and honorable establishment, offering much more than simple comfort, it flows with style and elegance.

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