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Our Traveler’s Digest crew spent two months in Thailand and we simply fell in love with this humble and mystifying place.

My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring editor and am fortunate to have the privilege of traveling around our beautiful world. I would have to say that Thailand is one of my favorite places on this planet and anyone that hasn’t been there is missing paradise.

We flew in from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the first week of March 2003. The flight was only a couple of hours and gave me some time to ponder my expectations of Thailand. There is not enough time in this life to fully appreciate much less to develop any preconceived concepts of this magical land.

We had chosen the southern island of Phuket for our initial visit and it was a wise choice. The airport is in the northern part of the island and the city we were to tour was in the southern. We were due to arrive at a villa in the hills between Phuket Town and the airport. After two hours, which should of took only twenty minutes, in a taxi, the driver had no clue as to their location, we arrived and found that no matter the delay, it could not compromise the grandeur of these lovely villa’s.

Naka Wanna Villa is located on the beautiful island of Phuket in southern Thailand.

Naka Wanna Villa is located on the beautiful island of Phuket in southern Thailand.

The first thing that caught my eye was the horizontal black bottom pool that effortlessly blended into the rolling hills and bay below. The Canadian owner wasn’t available, but our hostess, his charming and sweet daughter was anxious to show us to our reserved rooms. My suite was on the upper floor, overlooking the pool and was accompanied by a massive deck the entire length of the room. The center of the suite was filled with a massive wooded bed, wrapped in netting. It was romantic and I was disappointed as to the fact of being single, but believe me…alone or not, I totally enjoyed the luxury. The black marble bathroom was huge and rich in decor and style. The suite offered self entertainment with a giant screen television, a CD and stereo player with surround sound.

The villa’s have a full time staff and employee a master chief. The Thai food was elegant and robust. The candlelight dining was elegant and our hostess’s charm made sure that our every moment was unforgettable. The sweet experience of Thailand will remain for a very long time.

We stayed for only two days at the villa and wished that we could of stayed longer, much longer, but our tour of Thailand was just beginning and this was a world tour. Read our review for Thailand and learn more about this mysterious land where dreams are made and fulfilled everyday.

We give our best to the lovely people of the Naka Wanna Villa’s and acknowledge and appreciate the beautiful memories they give to each and every guest. Our time spent with them will be kept in high esteem.

Traveler’s Digest recommends The Naka Wanna Villa in Phuket Town Thailand. A truly lovely place that glorifies the tradition of Thai culture while providing you with the ultimate in comfort and style.

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