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The crew of Traveler’s Digest spent ten days touring the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, Russia and were aware before arrival that we would need a personal guide if we truly wanted to experience this phenomenal city. Saint Petersburg is extremely rich in character, culture and history. It would be difficult to enjoy such a city without the benefit of an informed guide. After researching the Internet media we rapidly discovered that there was one company that could provide us with personal services we wanted…Monomax Ltd. 

At six in the morning we arrived from Moscow and climbing from our rail car, stepped into the cool, but revitalizing air of Saint Petersburg. The other cities we had toured in Russia had all proved to be quite enticing and now we were in one of the most beautiful cities not only in Russia, but the entire world. 

The Summer Palace is only one of the imperial delights in Saint Petersburg.

The Summer Palace is only one of the imperial delights in Saint Petersburg.

Excited as always, we took a taxi to our preselected hotel and not wanting to waste anytime, we called our selected tour agency. Our agent in the company was Kiril. As we spoke, he suggested that we take the subway and come straight to their office for a brief meeting. With our comment of not knowing the city and also not wanting to take a long detour via a taxi, he gave us our desired stop and agreed to meet us there. 

The subway in Saint Petersburg is of a grand architecture and is very functional in its ease of use. In a matter of moments we were whisked across town and immediately spotted our tall Russian guide waiting in the predetermined station. Kiril is well traveled, educated and a native Saint Petersburg resident. His love of this inspiring city was quite evident in his relations to it as he described in elaborate detail just a few of the many things he wanted to show us on our tour. 

Their office was impressive and their staff’s professionalism was evident as they went about their work. City maps covered the walls and each treasured attraction was highlighted. Each of the many desks had a computer was lined with brochures and books. Very important if you are in a travel related business. 

Kiril invited us into their conference room where we studied maps and drank some fresh brewed coffee. After a few moments of light humored conversation, we were joined by another man…he was to be our personal driver. Making our itinerary for the day, we walked with the driver to his waiting car and after a short drive stopped to pick up a charming lady…she was to be our tutored guide. As we drove, she explained, in exquisite English, the ancient history of each attraction…museum… cathedral…temple…canal…palace and most other structures of grand architecture throughout the city. For six hours we rode over adorned bridges, crossed countless canals, courting the visual sights along the wide lanes and transversing causeways that intertwined the great city. 

We strolled through beautiful gardens…wandered the marveled hallways of grand palaces and lost our words as we peered at ancient statues, golden treasures of exquisite design and priceless art. We awed at the magnificent cathedrals and were mesmerized at the tombs of past Czars. We wandered through massive doors of glorious temples and fell into their spell as they beckon us to ascend their spiraling steeples. Within their dizzying heights we exposed ourselves to the thick cold air as it blew gently down from the Baltic Sea. Throughout the day we bonded to this fascinating city and with step by step anticipation we ventured on and on. 

At the end of our first day we had seen but a pittance of its architecture, savored a small taste of its rare beauty, touched only briefly upon its grand past, but had succeeded in becoming mesmerized with its wealth of eroticism. A lifetime would be but a brief encounter with this enveloping and enchanting city and ten days was surely just a minute insight into its royal past. 

We thank them for making our tour of Saint Petersburg absolutely one of our best in the world. We were not treated as tourists, but as treasured guests and their courtesy went far beyond business professionalism. Concerned with our needs and flexible with their schedules…they worked hard to make our visit to Saint Petersburg not just visual tour, but a real learning experience as we were shown a glimpse of centuries past when one man held a vision to build this masterpiece of a city…A glorious city that bears the name of “Peter The Great.” 

The Monomax Agency will take good care of you, your business, your friends, or family and provide you with quality and professional people and services. From picking you up at the airport to arranging lodging and when it comes to business or recreation…Saint Petersburg and the Monomax team make a winning combination. Experience the phenomenal visual stimulations of Saint Petersburg and remember… you’re in good hands with the Mononmax people. The one true professional tour and convention company in Saint Petersburg. Monomax…its name says it all…Mono (one) Max (all) …one and all…Monomax!

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