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Helvetia Hotel Suites welcomes you to St. Petersburg, the city of the White Nights, luxurious palaces, austere granite embankments and adorned draw bridges. An affordable luxury hotel fashioned with style and elegance, the Helvetia will be your gateway to an unforgettable vacation in the most beautiful city in the world…Saint Petersburg.

After leaving the grand city of Moscow I was in doubt to whether a more phenomenal city existed…but only a few hours to the north, there is such a city…Saint Petersburg. The city was designed and built by a great leader of Russia…Peter The Great. As a young man, this envisioned master of planning, traveled the globe disguised as a common laborer. He marveled at the divine architecture of Paris, Rome and other splendid cities of the old world. Returning to his beloved Russia, he started his own great city on the banks of the Baltic Sea. Building dikes, dams and channels, he laid out his city of dreams. Today, this city stands as a beacon to world travelers, statesman, scholars, artists and is the Venice of the north.

My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring editor for Traveler’s Digest and touring around this world, I have witnessed many things and experienced a lifetime of adventures, but there have not been many places to rival Saint Petersburg.

When we stepped off of the train from Moscow it was six in the morning and even at this hour, the energy of the city was evident. At times, we choose cities at random and never follow any real itineraries, we just wander the world seeking out its wonders. However, our decision to visit this city, was not random. Saint Petersburg was not to be missed. As adventurers, we solicit the vitalities of unregulated life on the road. Inspirationally seeking the open book of the unwritten. To have this quench for to feel as free as the wind…to wander like a true nomad…this is my job, my desire and my joy. I am a citizen of the planet.

As we have traveled for the last two years, needless to say, we have accumulated lots of extra baggage and so it was on this bright morning…we wandered the wide boulevards not in any desired direction, but mostly in awe, we ended up strolling for hours. As the day grew shorter and our bags grew heavier, we concluded it was time to locate our hotel…of course it was The Helvetia…even old wanders like me deserve to be pampered occasionally.

Waving down a taxi, we sped off to the hotel and wouldn’t you know it…is was only a few blocks away. So twenty dollars and three minutes later, we were dropped off at the hotels double iron gate. The entire court yard was secluded, offering privacy from the wandering crowds and busy streets.

The lobby was moderate and attractively decorated. It wasn’t of a grand scale and as we soon discovered, the quality and size of their suites were obviously more important than having a huge lobby. I have walked into countless hotels with massive lobbies, laden with luxury, to later realize that their rooms didn’t compare in size or statue. Not the case at the Helvetia. Their suites were not merely hotel rooms, they were stylishly decorated apartments with style, comfort and usable amenities.

Our crew spent five days at this beautiful hotel and each day, with the staffs warm greetings, were made to feel like valued guests. The suites, the modern kitchens, the atmosphere, the privacy and with their central location…your comfort is assured…

Visit Russia, wander through it vast and diverse cultured countryside and when you are at the peak of your amazement…come to Saint Petersburg and feel the welcoming call of the Helvetia Suites Hotel. Its where you want to be while in the phenomenal city of…Saint Petersburg.

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The grand exterior of the Helvetia Hotel in Saint Petersburg.

The grand exterior of the Helvetia Hotel in Saint Petersburg.

Photo credits: Helvetia Hotel Suites


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Michael Smith was the touring editor for Traveler’s Digest. His journeys took him across the world and on a series of unforgettable adventures!