The World’s Best Nude Travel Destinations


It may sound sexy to travel to some of the top nudist destinations across the globe, but dedicated naturists are primarily into the freedom of living in harmony with nature, though some resorts do promote themselves as “erotic”. Whichever destination you decide to visit, check out the details beforehand to make sure it fits your style.

We’ve collected the top ten nudist destinations around the world, including everything from purist naturist resorts to swingers hotels. We have avoided beaches where nudity is illegal – even if the authorities tend to turn the other way. So now the only question left is, where in the world do you want to get naked?

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10. boBRENE on Tambourine, Australia

A resort with great amenities in a remote location near the Gold Coast of Queensland, boBRENE is a clothes-free vacation in a natural environment. There’s a pool, a spa and a tennis court. During the night, activities include open log fires for barbecue, dancing and karaoke.

BoBRENE is an intimate but low-key nudist vacation for adults only. The small resort is run by a couple named Bob and Rene and guests can expect a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere that is not sexualized.

boBRENE's large grounds ensure total privacy for its guests.


9. Sun Eden Naturist Resort, South Africa

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There aren’t many nudist resorts on the continent of Africa, but in beautiful South Africa, there are a couple of locations devoted to naturists. Sun Eden is one of them and clothing is not optional here; you must take it off. The resort is located on a 35-hectare bushveld farm in northwest Gauteng about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.

Guests can book a comfortable cottage, or they can camp. Either way, accommodation is in a natural environment in Africa, where activities include swimming in the pool, birdwatching, or drinking at the bar. Unlike some naturist locales, singles and children are allowed at Sun Eden.

8. Chan Resort, Thailand

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Chan Resort is a private naturist hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, just 1-1/2-hour’s drive from Bangkok. You have to be a member of a recognized naturist or nudist organization in order to visit the resort and they make it clear that it is not an alternative lifestyle property. In other words, the focus is on feeling natural, not erotic.

Chan is a family-run and very modern resort with air conditioning (a must in Thailand), cable television and complimentary WiFi. Nudist sundecks allow guests to achieve a perfect tan, while a beautiful swimming pool is situated among fragrant flowers. In the evenings, there is a nearby Thai restaurant, or guests cook in their rooms. Nearby attractions include a tiger zoo and an elephant village.

The pool at the Chan Resort in Thailand.

The pool at the Chan Resort in Thailand.

7. Vera Playa, Spain

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Spain’s most famous naturist beach, Vera Playa is on Spain’s southeastern coast, where the weather is almost always temperate. With more than a mile of beach, this area is not a private resort but a public “zone” that caters to nudists – even on the streets. There are more than 2,000 apartments and a luxury hotel for naturists here, so visitors will be among plenty of like-minded people.

Being a public beach, Vera Playa isn’t for modest naturists. Since there’s no nudist requirement, non-naturists may be on the beach.

Vera Playa is a nude beach located on Spain's beautiful southern coast.

Vera Playa is a nude beach located on Spain

6. Vritomartis Hotels and Bungalows, Greece

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At Vritomartis, guests will feel like an ancient Greek god in a gorgeous island setting. Vritomartis, located in Southeastern Crete, is named after a Minoan goddess. Unlike many naturists resorts, Vritomartis is a family friend resort. The resort follows the guidelines of the International Naturist Federation, which means that nudism is only allowed in the outdoor areas and is required on the beach and by the pool.

The resort has 85 rooms, all with air-conditioning, telephone, television, refrigerator, and Internet. A restaurant is also available with breakfast and dinner buffets and guests have access to tennis and volleyball courts.

A look at the beach at the Vritomartis nudist resort in Greece.

A look at the beach at the Vritomartis nudist resort in Greece.

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