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Things To Do

Helicopter rides: Enjoy a helicopter ride and gain a bird’s eye view of the mountains, islands, turquoise seas and ancient volcanoes. You can also take in the spectacular sights of Mount Agung, Lake Batur, Lake Bratan, Mount Lempuyang and the famed terraced rice fields.

Terraced rice fields like these are typical of the Balinese landscape.

Terraced rice fields like these are typical of the Balinese landscape.

Trekking: Trekking is an ideal way to gain a first hand experience of the local life of the people for Bali’s roads serve as playgrounds, meeting places, and even work areas for the locals. Besides, there are trekking tours that take you across fragrant rice fields, beaches, mountains, and volcanoes. You are advised to carry a compass, map and a rain gear even if the weatherman predicts sunshine.

Volcano climbing: Volcanic climbing is an exhilarating activity in Bali. All mountains provide for easy accessibility given the large number of tourists that have visited them over the years. Some of the craters are also accessible by motorbikes. Popular destinations include Mt. Batur, Mt. Agung and Mt. Batukau. Avoid climbing during the rainy season and do take a guide along.

Paragliding: You can also paraglide and enjoy the spectacular views of Bali’s coastline. Ride in tandem with an expert instructor and if you want to go out all alone, training is also available.

Golfing: There are three international standard golf courses in Bali for the golf enthusiasts each with its own unique and challenging attributes: Bali Golf & Country Club, Nirwana Bali Golf Club, and Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club.

Beaches in Bali

The beaches in Bali attract sun worshipers and surfers from around the world. From the exquisite palm fringed white sand beaches on the east coast to the wilder black sand beaches on the west coast, the beaches are great for taking in the beautiful surroundings, indulging in water sports by the day and taking in long peaceful walks at night. The popular beach resorts in Bali include Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Lovina, and Candidasa.

Sanur Beach: One of Bali’s most scenic beaches, the Sanur beach is within 10 minutes drive from Denpasar, the capital of Bali. From the beach, you can take a canoe and sail along the coast to explore the outlying islands. The Sanur beach is surrounded by coral and is a major attraction for the snorkelers. Facilities for parasailing, surfing, snorkeling, touring on glass-bottom boats, canoeing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, swimming, and sailing are also available.

Kuta Beach: Kuta beach is the most happening beach in Bali and is the venue for an exciting nightlife. Once the sun sets, the youngsters naturally gravitate to the shores to dance away the hours under the starlit sky. During the day you can meet the locals, eat, drink or play a game of volleyball and in the evening watch the stunning sun leave its imprints in the water.

Surfers on the beach at Kuta during the sunset.

Surfers on the beach at Kuta during the sunset.

Legian Beach: The Legian beach is for those looking for some peace and quiet. You can rent surfboards, play volleyball, or just relax and take in the scene. Facilities include parasailing, surfing, snorkeling, touring on glass-bottom boats, canoeing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. However the undercurrents here are very strong so swimming is not recommended.

Jimbaran Beach: This beach is also relatively secluded and is ideal for whiling away the hours and watching the awe-inspiring sunset in the evening. The dining spots here offer some of the best seafood in the area.

Lovina Beach: The Lovina beach resort is actually a group of scenic coastal villages—Tukad, Mungga, Anturan, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus—to the west of Singaraja. The sand around Lovina is black and volcanic and the reef around assures that the waters are calm and there is no surf. In the evening lights, you can see the fishing boats appear as bright dots against the horizon. The sunset here is spectacular. Dolphin trips in Lovina are an added attraction.

Nusa Dua Beach: Nusa Dua, Bali’s top end beach resort has many five star hotels lining the beachfront. The white sand and shallow waters are ideal for children. The best surfing spots are to the north and south while most diving spots are in the nearby Tanjung Benoa.

Candidasa Beach: Candidasa is a good base for exploring the eastern part of Bali. For the divers, the main attraction is Gili Tepekong, a series of coral heads at the top of a sheer drop off. The Besakih Temple, one of Bali’s greatest cultural attractions is nearby.

Canggu Beach: Canggu, located at about 8 km northwest of Kuta, is a popular surf spot with right and left hand breaks. This relatively quiet beach is perfect for admiring the beautiful beach front and the fragrant rice terrains.

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