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Travellers planning on visiting Europe often make big plans regarding Eurail passes or flights, but many forget about the long-haul bus services that the continent has to offer. But with so many different bus routes available, finding the right one at the right price can be tricky.

Some are easy enough: one could just travel direct from London to Paris (iDBUS offers this route at a fixed price of £35). Those wanting to travel further afield could choose to travel onward from Paris by train or by using local bus operators. But travellers who don’t like the uncertainty of having to find stations or bus stops and make sense of the timetables in a language they may not be familiar with, could book your entire route through a UK company instead.

An iDBUS coach at Paris' Bercy Station, which is both a rail station and a long-distance coach station.

An iDBUS coach at Paris’ Bercy Station, which is both a rail station and a long-distance coach station.

Being able to book in advance lets travellers check out the best times for arrival and departure, look into any overnight stays they might want to break up their journey, and get the best possible price on their tickets. An extra advantage of choosing and booking bus routes before travelling is that one can be sure of the quality and standard of comfort on board: an iDBUS, for instance, has free Wi-Fi, plug sockets, adjustable seats and bi-lingual staff plus travellers can pre-book their seats.

Travellers with a disability or who are planning to travel with someone who has a disability or restricted mobility could find that accessibility on public transport varies considerably across the Continent. By choosing a reputable bus company travellers can investigate their accessibility in advance with a simple telephone call or email enquiry. iDBUS’s coaches are all accessible to people who have reduced mobility for whatever reason and there is seating that can be allocated to those passengers who need to use a wheelchair.

When booking tickets remember that travellers need to be at the station to board their iDBUS 30 minutes before departure, and also remember that there could be unforeseen delays (e.g. heavy traffic).


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iDBUS is a French coach line that offers budget transportation in France, the United Kingdom and the Low Countries.