New York City: Five Fun Tips


1) Go take in a show at Central Park. Don’t forget to buy a pizza and fend off an attempted assault by a drunk Brooklynite. All three of these activities are time honored NYC traditions.

2) Why not take in a Yankees game at Yankees Stadium? Surround yourself with the creme de la creme of New York, and revel in the cultural sites and sounds of half naked men binge drinking around special education kids.

3) If you want to see a side of NYC that most tourists never get to visit, we suggest lighting up a cigarette in Central Park or taking part in a drum circle located in Zucotti park. Your next stop will be the world famous NYC central booking.

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4) You might be from a part of the world with no underground mass transit system. If you are, the NYC subway can be highly recommended as a source of endless entertainment. From the improv jazz artists, to the artistic graffiti the cultural aficionado will have enough to look at that the smell of stale urine is almost inconsequential. Warning: Subway doors do not open while the train is in motion.

5) Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and experience the “other side” of the city. Knitting enthusiats will be pleased to learn that Brooklyn is world renowned for its mass production of “cozies” – from teapots to bicycles, if it’s there is getting a custom knit covering. Warning: Beer lovers beware that obtaining Brooklyn Larger on draft may require more than 45 minutes walking time.


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