The Ten Best Nudist Resorts in the World


5. La Reenert, Luxembourg

La Reenert isn’t near a natural body of water, but it is a mecca for those who want to blend their love of sports with a clothing-free lifestyle. Located in the Ardennes Forest, La Reenert lets visitors bring their caravan or they can rent kitted out mobile homes. There’s a swimming pool in a gorgeous log cabin, sports ranging from badminton to football, and there’s even an adventure park and a trampoline. The resort also has a supermarket with daily fresh bread and a camping store. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s open year-round, and begs the question of just how thick-skinned does a naturist have to be to enjoy sports in the Luxembourg winter?

The scenic countryside of Luxembourg's Ardennes Forest. Photo by  ines saraiva/Flickr.

The scenic countryside of Luxembourg’s Ardennes Forest. Photo by ines saraiva/Flickr.

4. Desire Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Everything at Desire is meant to excite and arouse, from the clothing-optional beaches to the burlesque shows and theme nights. Limited to adult couples only, Desire still retains a friendly atmosphere and the all-inclusive design leaves time for nothing but rekindling or continuing the passion. Although couples are free to go as bare as they please outside, they must also pack appropriate clothing for the restaurants and shows to complement the amorous atmosphere.

The Desire Resort is all about sex appeal.

The Desire Resort is all about sex appeal.

3. Sunland Holiday Village, South Australia, Australia

When a pair of dedicated naturists and teachers bought the 250 acres and accompanying 1.3-kilometer beach in 1974, they made Sunland Australia’s first and only beachfront naturist resort. The resort strictly follows the naturist lifestyle, meaning blending in with nature and no clothes except for required activities. Sunland has several campsites as well as common areas and miniten — naturist tennis — courts, while the dunes and hiking trails are ideal family fun. Kangaroos, blue wrens and other critters will more than likely visit the daily happy hour.

A woman catching some rays and enjoying the beach.

A woman catching some rays and enjoying the beach.

2. Sorobon Beach Resort, Bonaire

A tiny island in the Dutch Antilles, Bonaire has one of the best clothing-optional beaches in the Caribbean. Sorobon Resort is located on the windy southeastern edge of the island and consists of just 30 cottages and a plethora of activities. Visitors can snorkel, windsurf and dive, sunbathe on the private beach, do yoga or get a massage, or just check out the flora and fauna in the gardens. This paradise caters equally to those who want to do nothing but relax and those who prefer a little adventure mixed in with their nude escapades.

The view from Bonaire's Sorobon Beach Resort. Photo by Dennis AB/Flickr.

The view from Bonaire’s Sorobon Beach Resort. Photo by Dennis AB/Flickr.

1. Garden of Eden Resort, Bocas del Toro, Panama

With just three rooms and located on a private island, Garden of Eden is remains true to its name, especially with the dress code similar to Adam and Eve’s. The surprisingly reasonable prices just drive this place up the list – the ability to do anything there from lie in a hammock all day to kayak to nearby deserted beaches is another. Located on the Caribbean side of Panama, this resort is enchanting, totally private and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out every fantasy.

The tropical view from the Garden of Eden's dock. Photo via their official FB page.

The tropical view from the Garden of Eden’s dock. Photo via their official FB page.

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