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The touring crews of Traveler’s Digest travel the world for ten months a year. From the USA to Europe. To Asia and the world beyond. We are constantly searching for beauty, for adventure and our job is to stimulate the world’s people to enjoy their life by traveling. By learning of the world and it’s people, the more we can preserve our planet and learn to love our fellow human beings, our brothers. I fell in love with this world as a young child and knew that it deserves our caring loyalty. There is beauty in all of the Earth and as I recently discovered Australia has more than it’s share. This land called “Down Under” has vast deserts, the oldest living rain forests, thousands of white sand beaches, glorious harbors, hundred’s of tropical islands, quaint villages, wildlife that exists no where else on Earth and the world’s largest reef, the Great Barrier Reef. Many of these phenomena’s of nature can be found near the charming town of Cairns Qld. There is so many things to see and do in this area of Australia that anyone visiting here should plan on staying for a while. We toured and highly recommend ballooning with “Hot Air Cairns” going to the barrier reefs with “Seahorse Cruises” to snorkel, dive and enjoy the sand islands. You also have to visit the Aboriginal Cultural Center. It will entertain and enlighten. While you are in Cairns, there is one tour that you must do, ride the Skyrail through the world’s oldest rain forest and the best way to get to the top of the rain forest is to ride the classic Kuranda Scenic Railway. It will not only get you to the top, it will take you back to a time when riding a train meant much more than going from one place to another…it meant adventure!

My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring editor for Traveler’s Digest and in Sept. 2002, we rode this old glory train through the rain forest and past gorges, canyons, waterfalls and terrain that no postcard could portray. At the top of the rain forest there was an old village with cute shops, cafe’s and a lively Aborigine population. We spent several hours walking along the mountain river and exploring the curio’s at the shops. Then it was time to enjoy another adventure. We were to ride the worlds longest skyrail. The Skyrail adventure can be read on our review of Cairns.

We toured and highly recommend ballooning with “Hot Air cairns.” Snorkeling and diving at the Great Barrier Reefs with “Seahorse Cruises” Visiting the Aboriginal Cultural Center and riding the Kuranda Scenic Railway through the rain forest. They are all…a must do!

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The Kuranda Scenic Railway cuts a path through some of the world's most scenic landscapes.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway cuts a path through some of the world's most scenic landscapes.


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Michael Smith was the touring editor for Traveler’s Digest. His journeys took him across the world and on a series of unforgettable adventures!