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After completing our extensive tour of the entirety of the UK and the Republic of Ireland we arrived in Amsterdam on the 8th of May 2005. Our previously arranged tour guide met us at the airport, Mr. Marius Hovius, owner of “De Dagtoertaxi.” translated it simply means, “Day Tours,” I assure you there is nothing simple about this most cherished man. He is without doubt one of the most likable people in the Netherlands and most surely a very knowledgeable tour guide. We were driven and guided to the best sites and locations of the entire country, as he is not limited in his service to any specific area and will drive his much-appreciated clients anywhere in this region of Europe. Including, but not limited to, the entirety of the Netherlands, into Germany, The Hague, Belgium, etc. An excellent speaker of English, Dutch and German, he also speaks some French and Italian. Welcoming travelers from around the globe, he will definitely become an intricate and valuable part of your vacation. In addition to being a great guide, he is a good person and working with retirement homes, he enjoys his time spent touring the elderly, doing so at his own expense. What more can be said of a man devoting his free time providing comfort to these lovely and most often lonely people.

In the time spent with him he unearthed the mysteries of Holland and like him, we too, began to fell in love with this magical kingdom of the North Sea. Our affection for the cities, the people, the laid-back lifestyle, the art, culture and heritage of this country grew continuously from the first moment we arrived on our first tour in the spring of 2001 and in May 2005, we were now ever so ready to truly explore the entirety of this land risen from the sea by years of hard work and giant innovated windmills.

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Every moment of everyday during our in-depth exploration of this country, we were held in bewilderment. Adapting to the comforting lifestyle of the locals we quickly learned the valuable art of relation and in every visited town and city; we mingled along the endless array of canals lined with bars, restaurants & cafes. As the sun slowly goes down they quickly become packed, so grab a table early. Along with dinner, lots of drinks and excellent company, our hours of conversation were always festive and relaxed. Of the several million English words to describe this amazing country, with its diverse culture, liberal lifestyle, phenomenally beautiful architecture, historical importance, immaculate landscape and remarkably intelligent and friendly people, the most appropriate description would simply be an invitation to visit it in person.

Beauty and bewilderment is perfectly and harmoniously endowed throughout the cities and my cameras soon became my closet companions. Amsterdam is art-imitating life as it appears simply just too beautiful to be real, but fortunately… it is real.

During our month in Holland, we were quite fortunate to have acquired a luxury apt. in the center of the city, a region called the Nine Streets. Everything was in walking distance. The Anne Frank House was only two blocks, a large food mart, 2 blocks, the Palace, 5 blocks and the central train station only 15-minutes away. Walking anywhere in this city is a leisure stroll of amazement, with countless sidewalk cafes, museums, grand churches, art dealers, antiques stores, book shops, clothing boutiques and 14th century architecture, the city is truly a wonderland.

The owner and proprietor of the apartments, Mr. John Butler-Gould, a gentleman and scholar, having traveled the world he fell in love with this city and settled here to build his business of providing excellent accommodations to tourists desiring more of their lodging and not wishing to forfeit their comforts of home by staying in a hotel. He offers several varied apts. at different prices and can most surely accommodate most tastes. Our apt. was excellently equipped with all necessary appliances for preparing meals, morning coffee & tea, much appreciated for dining in and saving money. The apt. has a very private bedroom down stairs, a large bathroom with large tub & shower and a separate room for the toilette, providing even more privacy. The large living room has 2 additional beds, huge windows opening directly over the street, a fish tank, large remote cable television, and stereo system with DVD player. The various sized apartments are on Reestraat St. with shops and cafes within 20 metres of its front door. The Amsterdam Luxury Apts. will definitely provide you, your family and associates excellent accommodations during your stay in Amsterdam.

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Traveler’s Digest explicitly recommends the above mentioned businesses and most assuredly the unforgettably country of the Netherlands. The country offers endless attributes to archititecure, fine dining, picturesque beauty and its people are genuinely friendly, speaking several languages, including English and it is definitely one of the safest regions in the world. It is also one of the most affordable destinations in Europe.

A view of Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District.

A view of Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District.


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