Hostel Review: Koala Beach Resorts and Queensland


Good news for all of you backpackers that are planning on traveling up the Eastern coast of Australia. Now there is one just one name to remember……..Koala’s. There are four Koala backpacker resorts from Noosa Heads in the Sunshine coast, up to Daintree, North of Cairns. My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring editor for Traveler’s Digest. We travel around the globe, searching for the best beaches, the best bars, lodges, hotels. resorts, etc., that are both loads of fun, unique and the best deal for the money. In every town we visit, we dive head first in to every tour, every adventure and anything else that seems exciting. We’re not bashful, that’s for sure.

The best run backpacker resort’s are definitely Koala’s Beach Resorts. They are staffed with young, fun, energetic and knowledgeable people. And when it comes to tours and where to go for adventure they have the answers. They can arrange any excursion/tour and even help you decide which one is right for you. Each of the hostels has a pool, kitchen, laundry, bars and anything else that you may need. Each of their four locations are close to the beach, shopping and an assortment of cafes.

The Koala in Airlie beach is one of their best resort locations. We had a tremendous time there. With a great staff, an absolutely fantastic bar and all of it is right across the street from the beach, you can’t go wrong. I was amazed at this little town. Clean, safe, lots of quality people and a public pool that is stunning. The pool is separated by a small hill of grass and sand and is one of the best designed pools I’ve seen. All of that and its free…..not to mention, it’s open all night. Just think of the possibilities?????

Traveler’s Digest toured the properties of Koala Beach Resorts and had a great time mixing with the staff and the multicultural backpackers. Music, adventure, good conversation and comfortable surroundings. What more would you want? We recommend Koala at any of their locations. They are just good people!

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Airlie Beach is a charming small town on the coast of Queensland.

Airlie Beach is a charming small town on the coast of Queensland.


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