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Our crew travels the globe in search of the best the world has to offer and in South Africa we discovered an access in phenomenal contributes to the world’s magnificence. South Africa is truly a diverse land with a rainbow collation of people, culture and stunning geography. From the beautiful bays of Cape Town through the mountains and plains of central Zululand it offers a panoramic vision of natures ability to create a balanced environment for its multitude of life forms. We spent several months exploring this land and developed lasting memories of what we discovered, creations of nature and man. As that the cultures of this land are diverse, so are its ceremonies and festivals. One such worldly recognized ceremony is matrimony. The giving of two peoples love, respect and acceptance of a life long bond are truly appreciated in South Africa. We had the privilege of visiting a few choice locations where this unity of people in matrimony are elevated to a universal level of providing the absolute best in environment and amenities and all involved with surely cherish life long and unforgettable memories. 

Just an hours drive from the metropolitan city of Johannesburg is a unique lodge hidden from the prying view of the world it blends effortlessly into the Mageilesburg Mountains, home of the elusive leopards. The African decor of the impressive lodge opens it treed landscape to the expanding valley below and magically whispers the meaning of eternity as you gaze upon rolling hills encompassed by jagged mountains and bathed with the blue waters of the Hartbeespoort Dam lake. In the early evenings the sunsets take you to an even higher plane of awareness as the golden orange streaks of fading light create a silhouette of misty shadows and extraordinary color as the life giving sun bids it daily farewells. Time has no meaning in such bliss and as the lodge was specially designed for those joyful occasions when family and friends unite to witness and celebrate the joining of two people in love and holy matrimony there is no greater location or atmosphere as this unimaginable paradise contributes to the memories embedded in such words as…forever!

The lodge offers accommodations in private chalets, each offering private veranda’s and much heralded privacy. There are two large and welcoming pools, one at the main lodge and another servicing the lower chalets. Each chalet is complete with stylish and authentic African furnishings, a large lounging area, private access to the pool and surrounding sun deck and offer one or more bedrooms with inclusive bathrooms. The main lodge offers the ultimate atmosphere for dining, whether in their large dining area or under the evening stars…excellent cuisine is assured. Their fully stocked bar offers both local and imported wines and a wide assortment of beer and liquors. The staff are from local tribes and contribute greatly to the total African experience. They radiate warmth, grace and efficiency. You are welcomed and always treated like family at this beautiful and unforgettable lodge.

A wedding is one of the most treasured times in your life and must be unforgettable in its totality. This magnificent resort is well renowned and owned by a true gentleman of unwavering stature and professionalism. We had the honor of staying at his lodge, enjoying meals, conversing and visiting with him on many separate occasions and I speak in comfortable awareness when I recommend the owner and the lodge. The man…Mr. Malcolm D. Mckie…The lodge…The one & only…Leopard Lodge. Their specialties are bringing people together for those occasions when nothing must be left to chance. Business conventions, group meetings, family vacations and especially for those very special occasions…weddings. They offer a wide choice of selective ceremonies and celebrations. Your dream of a perfect wedding, whether conventional, of your own creation or the ultimate wedding where the bride is carried in traditional African style on the shoulders of tribal men surrounded with flowers and native musicians…the entire staff realize the importance and their goal is to make sure it meets your hopes and expectations….its your choice and they assure you an unparalleled experience that both you, your mate and your family will treasure…forever! The Leopard Lodge affords you the perfect location for the perfect occasion.

The Leopard Lodge is a highly recommended Member of Traveler’s Digest and we welcome their addition to our “Best of the Worlds Businesses.” Call or email our company or the leopard Lodge for more specifics and let us or Mr. McKie help you with your vacation, your convention and especially…your wedding at a truly remarkable lodge in a most unforgettable country…The Leopard Lodge in South Africa…a great and winning combination.

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