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Leaving the enchanting and mysterious Maltese Isles on the 16th of Aug, 2005 we hopped the 2-hour flight into Brussels, Belgium. Upon an uneventful flight we rode the convenient train from the airport to the city center. After some negotiations with various taxi drivers we rode the 6 blocks to our choice hotel, The Belmont. It was nicely located very near the heart of the city and gave us endless opportunities to walk around the very cultured city.

After spending a couple of minutes in the lobby meeting the courteous and friendly staff we were introduced to the manager, Mark. He was a tall and gracious man and immediately felt a connection to his easy going personality. Walking into our finely appointed rooms I noticed that the large rooms had 2 beds, a large bathroom and hanging on the main wall was a 40 inch flat screen plasma television. The disappointment was that they only had 3 English speaking stations, but we were in Brussels to explore the city, so it was no big deal. It wasn’t long before we were unpacked and heading down the street to the city center.

During our month long stay in this fine hotel we made friends with the staff and especially with the manager. We also managed to explore every inch of this safe and very clean metropolitan city with it’s thousand sidewalk cafes, fine restaurants, centuries old churches, winding streets, endless shopping opportunities and a varied multitude of nationalities. Dakota and myself walked throughout the city and at times ventured for miles in all directions and were pleasantly surprised at the city’s amazing architecture, never-ending assortment of sidewalk vendors and warm welcoming people. Brussels is the heart of Europe and most people spoke fluent English, as well as many other languages.

Is it cheap to visit this city? Absolutely not…is it more expensive than most tourism destinations anywhere on the globe…NO! Is it worth a visit…absolutely! Brussels is Europe’s social and economical center and offers a fine balance of business & tourism amenities. It is in the near proximity of most major European cities and the hub for flights heading in all directions. It’s also only a 2 plus hour drive to one of the worlds best cities…Amsterdam…the Disney city of the world, where everything is possible and even better…its all pretty much legal. Visual stimulations at every turn, excellent lodging, beautiful and very sensual women & soft drugs are all available, but at a price.

During our tour we enjoyed each day, and every venture, and made life long friends with the staff and general manager of The Belmont hotel. They always treated us like family and we will never forget our stay in this stylish and comfortable hotel in the center of Brussels. Their prices are more than fair and their service are as high as any comparable hotel in the world.

Definitely first class people in a 1st class hotel and definitely in a 1st class city.

We are proud to highly recommend the Hotel Belmont and when you do venture to Brussels, as you should, do yourself a big favor, stay with these excellent representatives of a most welcoming country. Most of all…leave your work & stress at home and just enjoy yourself.

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The Grand Place is the scenic center of Brussels.

The Grand Place is the scenic center of Brussels.


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