Hotel Review: Hindsgavl Castle in Denmark


Have you ever dreamed of taking a journey back through time? Back to the golden age of knights, fair maidens, royal families and grand castles? A time frozen in memory, art, sculpture, legend and in fairy tales. When men were men and ladies in splendid attire floated effortlessly across marble ballrooms. This golden age can still be found in the land of the green rolling hills. Where beaches and bays disappear into the forests of misty mornings and glorious sunsets. A land of endless tales of Kings and Viking long ships, a land of historical culture and master artists…it all exists in the magical land of Denmark.

In this busy world we often forget the deeper meaning of life and are held captive by the turmoil of misbegotten dreams. Realizing our basic and crucial desire to succeed we must learn to discover our hidden talents by refreshing our thoughts and revitalizing our souls. Success in life is the blending of dreams, achievable goals and vision. A group of individuals related in their ambitions and willing to pull their resources into one manifesto can create great successes, but harmony within the mind and spirit are required to provide the incentive to achieve these higher goals. Does such a transcending balance of reality and elegance truly exist? In the land of legends there is such a place.

Flourishing in timeless elegance, it remains as constant as the sea sheltering it. A place where people come to rejuvenate, to play and to work. People from all regions of the earth are drawn to its enchantment. Ancient, but modern in every amenity, it flows of non-intrusive luxury and receptive style. A place of historical meaning, welcomed not only as a link to the past, but as a vacationing paradise, a beautiful hotel and a renowned convention center…The Hindsgavl Slot. An ancient castle offering the amenities of the present as it welcomes the sovereignty of today’s businesses.

On a small island in Denmark, only a few kilometers from the ancient town of Middlefart, lays this grand castle…in the midst of green hills, velvety flora, misty ponds and tree shaded lanes it provides a journey back to a time when the world of man was filled with deep visions. It was a time of fantasy, a time of realizing dreams and of building kingdoms. Walk the immortal pathways and be led through the beautiful gardens, glide into the midst of the enveloping trees and continue effortlessly down to the eternal sea. Rejuvenate on the shore as you rest upon the soft, green grass and be caressed by the gentle breeze and seduced by the calm surf as they share their timeless secrets with you.

Throughout the ages the royalty of Hindsgavl Slot bestowed its glorious esteem to lands near and far, bartering the building of nations and offering peace to the weary. The era of the royal family has passed, but the esteem castle remains with its doors open to the interludes of romantic couples, the laughter of families, restless wanderers, vacationers, idealists, scholars, artists or adventurers from distance shores. On a misty harbor in Denmark it awaits those seekers of harmony, luxury and esteemed pleasure’s as you nourish your appetite for the finer things in life.

Business or pleasure…the doors are open and your royal staff await. Bring your ideas, your visions, you dreams, your friends, your families and stroll the ancient land that represents the best of time…then and now. Such is the place of Hindsgavl Castle…combining the best of time and helping to fulfill your goals while bringing the tranquility you require.

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