Hotel Review: Kalimera Hotel, Santorini


Our crew left the fun & sun soaked island of Ios, reluctantly, and headed south on another fast catamaran. The boat ride only took about thirty minutes and before we pulled into the small port I thought how could anyplace compare with Ios?

We had made reservations at a family owned and operated hotel on the south of the island. I had been told that this is one of the best areas for filming the fabulous sunsets. The roads are quite easy to navigate being that the only real directions are one way or the other, so I managed to find the hotel after only a few wrong turns. We parked in front of the hotel and lumbered into the lobby.

Yorghos Papalexis, the son of the hotel’s owner spoke good English and welcomed us to our rooms. The Kalimera Hotel was warm with hospitality. We were shown to our rooms and were surprised as to their size. They were much larger than what we had become accustomed to on the other islands. The rear garden of the hotel was decorated with flora and in the center a large and inviting pool. They had a full stocked bar, just meters from the pool. On those hot days when you just wanted some peace and time to recuperate from your exploration, of perhaps the most beautiful island on Earth, you could enjoy your favorite drink without moving a muscle. We were even more fortunate, our room opened up to the pool and ushered in a refreshing breeze.

Our crew spent three days with our new friends at the Kalimera Hotel and thoroughly enjoyed their lovely hotel and was more than pleased with their location across from the cliffs. A few meters from the hotel are some of the best filming locations on the island. The view was stunning.

We implore everyone to visit the magical and phenomenal Santorini at least once in their lives. It is truly unforgettable. We also recommend the Kalimera Hotel and would gladly stay there again and again.

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Santorini is known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Santorini is known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


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