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While our crew was touring and filming on the stunning Greek island of Santorini, we discovered that the cliffs and the main village of Fira were not all the island offered….Yes, the area is beautifully and absolutely breath-taking and the landscape is definitely the results of a very angry volcano, no other force on earth could create this very unique island, but it is quite diverse as we soon discovered. While filming on and around the sandy beach of Kamari village we soon begin to appreciate this more quieter side of the island. We had stayed at beautiful hotels scattered in the islands many quaint and stunning villages, most located on the upper rim, and as we explored the lower side of the island we discovered a new Santorini and a solitude only offered in Kamari with its astounding beach and excellent shops, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, bars, lounges and gift shops. We researched the many hotels in the area and decided to stay at the Matina. It was only a short walk from the beach and as it was in a quieter area, we could not only enjoy some peace, it was only a two minute stroll to the beach, restaurants and shops. The nightlife was also a much happening event as the village was no stranger to some excellent clubs.

As we walked toward the hotel’s entrance we were drawn immediately to the large inviting pool, where we manage to linger and sip some ice cold drinks from the fully stocked bar only a few feet away. It didn’t take us long to appreciate the hotel’s style and the many apparent amenities it offered. After some time, we proceeded to the lobby.

The interior of the hotel was cool and the charming lady that greeted us was warm. Her name was Vasso and her family owns and operates this fine hotel. Their very affordable rates were pleasing and as Vasso showed us to our rooms we were quite appreciative of their apparent comfort and open floor space. I totally detest a crowded room. She opened the large drapes and flooded the room with natural light and exposed a full view of the massive pool directly below. We would definitely remain here for the duration of our tour before starting our next adventure through the unforgettable Greek Islands..

We totally enjoyed our stay at this quaint, affordable hotel. The owner and their staff were pleasant, catering and knowledgeable about the island and offered the best tours at affordable prices.

If you have a dream, a vision or just feel the absolute need to visit the most stunning places on earth this is a good as place to start as anywhere. It is the island of mesmerizing sunsets, romance, intrigue, sun blessed beaches, great shopping and visual amazement. When you arrive do yourselves another favor…make your visit truly rewarding and trouble free…stay a few days at the Matina Hotel and be spoilt with traditional Greek hospitality and be treated like family.

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Santorini is known throughout the world for its striking beauty.

Santorini is known throughout the world for its striking beauty.


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