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While you are in this area of Turkey you will want to take several tours. This area is absolutely surrounded by ruins, beautiful islands, hidden lagoons, caves and huge mountains. If you are into paragliding or just feeling adventurous. I recommend doing it with a local company named *Focus*. I flew for the first time in my life and was thrilled with the experience. The Focus pilots are well trained, most having several thousand flights and are always extremely careful. Focus has one pilot that was the Turkey sky-diving champion. Flying with the Focus team is like flying with Eagles, they know how to soar. Flying has been a dream of man for thousands of years and is now affordable and safe. Give it a try. You will always cherish the memory. If you decide to try it just arrive at their office on the Oludeniz beach.

They offer four flights a day. Their crew will drive you to the top of a 1,965 meter (6,550 feet) mountain. It is the highest mountain by an ocean in the world. The drive up takes about forty minutes and in itself is worth the time spent. Upon arriving and after a few minutes of simple instructions you put on your flight suit. The pilot then straps you into the double harness in front of his and after raising the chute, you both run for the edge of the cliff. The wind catches your chute and gently lifts you into the clear blue sky. The view of the beach, the lagoon and the nearby islands is breathtaking. On a fair day you can stay afloat for over forty minutes. The chutes are designed and made in Switzerland, and are the absolute best in the world. Their design is simple and yet offer unbelievable control. Up, down, round and round and tight turns are no problem. When landing you touch down like a giant bird. You won’t have to walk far, they land on the beach just steps from their office. Paragliding is by far the safest form of flying, even safer than flying on a plane. There is no real danger. Each pilot hired by Focus must have certification and at least 2000 successful flight.

Two paragliders coming in for a soft landing on the beach at Oludeniz. Photo credit Focus Tours.

Two paragliders coming in for a soft landing on the beach at Oludeniz. Photo credit Focus Tours.

Focus also offers many other tours. From all day boat trips on their large, 110 feet long boat, with custom water slide, to any other trip you might desire. On the boat cruise, you will soon discover the beauty of the many islands while having a great time with their fun loving staff. The stops along the coast for swimming and a delicious lunch are the right touch for a truly enjoyable day. On one of the stops, at Butterfly Valley, you can even hike to the top of a large waterfall. The climb is a little difficult, but worth it. On another island, St. Nicholas, there are ancient Grecian churches scattered along the top of green hills and cliffs. Their age, approximately 1500 years, are apparent in their decay, but they are stunning. Be sure to carry your camera because it would be a shame not to be able to share their ancient, yet time enduring beauty with friends and family.

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If you seek more adventure, Focus offers a horseback tour though rustic mountains and past green valleys, eventually leading into a deserted ancient village built on rocky hills. Kaya village is unique in statue and most of the buildings are still standing. It was one of the first established villages in the entire country and was built by the Greeks. Again, bring your camera! Want even more? The team at focus can arrange or offer any tour that is available in the entire region, even a jeep safari. They have a experienced dive team that will take you below the waves, whether you are certified or just a beginner. The diving is superb. They also rent bikes, motor cycles, jeeps, speed boats, with or without a captain, and if you are a dare-devil…they even have some micro light flyers you can rent. A micro light flyer is a hang-glider with a motor. It takes off and lands like a small plane, on its wheels. It is relatively safe and can glide down for a safe landing even with a stalled motor.

Whatever your adventure be sure to check out the friendly staff at Focus Tours. Two brothers, Kudret and Ahmet are the owners and they have a great, friendly and fun loving staff. After spending many weeks with them they are now really good friends. All great people!

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The town of Oludeniz on Turkey's Mediterranean coast is one of the world's hot spots for paragliding!

The town of Oludeniz on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is one of the world’s hot spots for paragliding!


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