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Vancouver Food Tour: Eating A Path Through Gastown

When people think of Vancouver in British Columbia, a thriving multi-cultural heritage and one of Canada’s greenest cities probably comes to mind. It’s hard to go more than a few blocks without running into a park or natural element, whether it’s a garden or rows of blossoming cherry trees bursting to life on the streets. […]

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Whale Watching Trips in Vancouver

The west coast of British Columbia is home to thousands of marine and terrestrial wildlife, and spans almost 1000 kilometers of fertile coastline and temperate rain forest from Victoria on Vancouver Island to the border of Alaska. But for many people, even those who live their entire lives in this beautiful stretch of wilderness, few […]

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Hiking Vancouver Island’s North Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island has become world renowned for its spectacular scenery and ancient old-growth forests. Every year hundreds of hikers undertake the 75-kilometer stretch along the rugged coastline, which is one of Canada’s eco-tourism highlights. However, there is another hike that is equally (if not more) challenging, and often gets overshadowed. […]

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