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Hostel Review: Koala Beach Resorts and Queensland

Good news for all of you backpackers that are planning on traveling up the Eastern coast of Australia. Now there is one just one name to remember……..Koala’s. There are four Koala backpacker resorts from Noosa Heads in the Sunshine coast, up to Daintree, North of Cairns. My name is Mike Smith. I am the touring […]

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Indian Head at Fraser Island, just off the coast of Queensland.

Resort Review: Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island, Queensland

There are millions of visitors to Australia every year. The majority coming to major cities dotting the coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns and so on. Those cities are great and very beautiful, but to see the real fantasy of this vast land one must explore, seek out the magic that awaits those that take the […]

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Hotel Review: Estoril on Moffat, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Just one hour’s drive north of Brisbane lies a charming and beautiful place called Moffat Beach. A hidden jewel of the sunshine coast, this small town by the shore has a pleasant atmosphere which is enhanced by the friendly and welcoming locals. During our visit to Moffat Beach, we were lucky enough to stay with […]

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The skyline of the charming city of Brisbane.

Hotel Review: Kingsford Riverside Inn, Brisbane

Traveler’s Digest toured Australia for several months starting in June 2002. This country as far as I am concerned is one of the best in the world. Diverse, multicultural, vast, friendly, with huge rainforests, awe inspiring beaches, hundreds of tropical islands and great cities. One of these is Brisbane. The city is built around a […]

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Gold Coast is Australia's answer to Miami Beach.

Vacation Rental Review: Montego Sands Apartments, Gold Coast

Our touring crew visited the Montego Sands in July of 2002. Australia is a beautiful country and the Gold Coast is no exception. It reminded me of the California coast and of the North beach in Miami Florida. Lots of sunshine, great beaches, palm trees and spectacular scenery. The Gold Coast is on the East […]

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Vacation Rental Review: Columboola Country Cabins, Queensland

Starting at the end of May 2002 our three member crew toured Australia for ten months and everyday we spent in this phenomenal country left a deep impression. It is, as far as I’m concerned, a place everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. This massive continent contains some of the oldest rainforest’s, […]

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Review: The Indian Pacific Railway

I have traveled the world and been in awe at it’s many wonders. I’ve participated in hundreds of tours, wild adventures and every type of excursion imaginable, but there was one trip I will never forget. My staff and I flew into Perth, Australia on the 28th of June 2002. We had just finished a […]

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