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A look at the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza.

Travel in the Middle East in 2014

It is possible to have a great time traveling in the Middle East and to broaden your horizons at the same time. Of course, much of the appeal of these countries is to do with their long histories, but going there does not mean that you have to spend all your time looking at ancient […]

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It's not easy to get a table at Kitchen 45, but it's worth the effort.

Fine Dining in Dubai: Restaurants with a View

Dubai is a uniquely height-obsessed city. Need evidence? The Burj Khalifa, that glimmering needle that is now the world’s tallest building. But apart from the Burj, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Dubai’s desert surroundings and waterfront vistas from up high. We’ve found seven of the city’s loftiest restaurants, where you can sup on […]

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Travel Profiles on Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates, or UAE for short, is a nation comprised of seven emirates (kingdoms) that are loosely aligned in a type of federalist system of governance. As each of the emirates has a fair bit of autonomy, they each also retain their own unique character. The two emirates that are most known to […]

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Four Distinct Travel Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is a fascinating country with a rich past, a diverse landscape and some incredibly friendly people. Starting from the capital city of Istanbul, the only limit on travelers to Turkey is the amount of time they have to spend, as there are countless destinations and regions awaiting to be explored. Istanbul This will be […]

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The skyline of Dubai with the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, on the right.

Dubai: Events in 2013

Dubai is known as the “City of Gold” because of its amazing shopping malls, five-star hotels and amazing economic growth. Over the past few years, thanks to huge private and state investment, Dubai has earned its place as one of the world’s “must-see” destinations and it only continues to grow in popularity. But despite its […]

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The Ten Busiest Airports in the World

Each year hundreds of millions of travelers take to the skies, but some airports are a bit busier than others. The following is a list of the world’s ten busiest airports by passenger traffic with some information on the airports themselves and the cities in which they reside. The data is from Airports Council International […]

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One Week in Israel

Israel is a diverse country that is jam-packed with enough attractions to make any tourist happy. Unfortunately every visitor isn’t able to spend enough time in the country to truly see everything Israel has to offer. That’s where we come in! In our mock itinerary we have plotted out a country-wide journey through “Land of […]

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Review: Hotel Meri in Oludeniz, Turkey

While we were in Oludeniz we soon discovered the best hotel in the entire area, The Meri Hotel. Naturally we stayed there, actually for three weeks. We toured, filmed and reviewed this really uniquely located resort at the end of a lagoon. Hotel Meri was bought and renovated about ten years ago and sits on […]

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Review: Focus Paragliding and Oludeniz, Turkey

While you are in this area of Turkey you will want to take several tours. This area is absolutely surrounded by ruins, beautiful islands, hidden lagoons, caves and huge mountains. If you are into paragliding or just feeling adventurous. I recommend doing it with a local company named *Focus*. I flew for the first time […]

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