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Road Trip: Driving from Berlin to Prague

Pastoral farmland and jagged mountain ranges lie between these two capitals, along with a smattering of lively cities and elegant long-established towns. Hiking, partying or sightseeing can be prioritized according to taste, though the area’s troubled history over the past century, defined by two epochs of totalitarianism, is harder to avoid. Temporary escape can be […]

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Road Trip: Driving from Vienna to Budapest

Taken together, the names of Vienna and Budapest invoke hazy memories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, one of the many imperial projects that clashed and conflagrated in World War I. But beyond that temporary association, Austria and Hungary have very different histories, languages and national myths. These differences are carved into the statues and monuments that […]

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Road Trip: Driving from London to Paris

Travel between London and Paris is very fast and very affordable: flights can be found for under £50, and the Eurostar will whisk travelers under the water in just over two hours. But all this efficiency eradicates any exploration of the terrain and history that lies between the two cities. A road trip strips back […]

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