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Comparing the sizes of Germany and the United Kingdom.

How Big is Germany in Comparison to the United States, United Kingdom and Japan?

It helps when planning a trip to Germany to know just how large the country is. More than just the number of square miles, the following maps and figures will help travelers put the size of Germany into context, as it’s compared directly to the size of California, Texas, Japan and the United Kingdom. For […]

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A young blonde woman suntanning topless on the sand.

The Ten Best Nude Beaches in Europe

Bikini season is nigh, but this summer, ditch the expensive swimwear and show off those hard-won abs on a nude beach. For maximum seen-and-be-seen appeal, make sure it’s one of Europe’s top nude beaches, where the relaxed and tolerant attitude is as welcoming as the sparkling sunshine and warm waters. From Brigette Bardot’s former playground […]

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Visit Five of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

If you’re a book lover, you probably tend to gravitate to public libraries and bookshops when you travel. Whether it’s the scent of old books, the allure of knowledge or the history of grand buildings, there is something tantalizing about seeing how each city chooses to showcase literature. From centuries-old establishments that ooze history to […]

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Road Trip: Driving from Berlin to Prague

Pastoral farmland and jagged mountain ranges lie between these two capitals, along with a smattering of lively cities and elegant long-established towns. Hiking, partying or sightseeing can be prioritized according to taste, though the area’s troubled history over the past century, defined by two epochs of totalitarianism, is harder to avoid. Temporary escape can be […]

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The Ten Most Visited Countries in Europe

With such a crush of languages, cultures and opinions about what it means to be on time in such a small space, Europe has always held a certain charm to travelers, and it’s hard to choose where to start. The top ten visited European countries, based on international arrivals according to the World Bank, show […]

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Ten Stunning Aerial Shots of Major World Cities

Ten beautiful aerial shots for ten beautiful cities. Click on the linked city names to see our archives of travel articles and guides for each destination. Otherwise scroll through and enjoy the photos!

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Modern Art in Berlin and Historic Sights in Munich

Germany is one of the most pleasant travel destinations in all of Europe and no cities encapsulate what Germany is all about more than Berlin and Frankfurt. Berlin showcases the hipness and creativity of modern-day Germany, while Munich is a living museum of the historical and cultural charms of the German past. Also, just because […]

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Hedonistic Berlin – Hg2 Picks

Berlin is a place where yesterday meets now in a very real, sometimes unnerving, and always hip way. Berliners know great food and they know how to party, but sometimes the list of places to do those things in Berlin can be exhausting. Stylish city guide Hg2 | A Hedonist’s Guide To… gives their picks […]

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Cities With The World’s Best Looking Men (2012 Edition)

Having previously introduced a collection of articles on the loveliest ladies around the world, we saw it only fitting to give their dashing counterparts a fair shot. Presented entirely by a woman’s perspective, our roving travel writer shares her list of the cities with the best-looking guys — and why they make her swoon. Guys […]

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