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Cities With The World’s Best Looking Men (2012 Edition)

Having previously introduced a collection of articles on the loveliest ladies around the world, we saw it only fitting to give their dashing counterparts a fair shot. Presented entirely by a woman’s perspective, our roving travel writer shares her list of the cities with the best-looking guys — and why they make her swoon. Guys […]

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Travel Guide to Rome and its Historical Attractions

The City That Caesar Built Rome, jam-packed with historic and religious icons at every turn, is one of Europe’s premier tourist destinations. Roman, Renaissance, Gothic, and Etruscan, whatever period in time you enjoy, or even if you just have a general interest in history, there’s no doubt you’ll find some spectacular sights here. The city […]

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Review: Hotel Mediterraneo and Sicily

We left Taormina on the 21st of July 2005 and as we entered the city of Catania we hurriedly grabbed our bags and fought our way through the many people gathered in the small hall of the 1950’s train and headed for the exit. The ride had took about an hour and even though the […]

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