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The view of Honolulu from the peak of Diamond Head.

The 10 Most Visited Cities in the United States by Foreign Travelers (2013)

The 2013 year-end statistics are in from the National Travel and Tourism Office on the most popular cities in the United States with international visitors. Altogether, 32 million international travelers ventured to the United States in 2013 and almost all of them managed to make it to one of these 10 cities. While no city […]

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The 10 Most Visited States in the United States by Foreign Travelers (2013)

Want to know which states are winning the race for valuable tourism dollars from overseas visitors? Well, check out the latest statistics from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries which tracks inbound tourism to the United States. Below readers will find the 10 most visited states in the United States by overseas travelers in […]

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Heartbreak Hotel: The Best Places to Get over a Breakup

With Valentine’s Day looming, it can be a tough time to be single. It can be an even tougher time to be newly single. In 1966 Jimmy Ruffin asked the eternal question “what becomes of the broken hearted?” – well, Jimmy, let me tell you – the broken hearted go on holiday, have some fun […]

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Tourists checking out the dancing fountains in front of Las Vegas' Bellagio.

Travel The World in A Day in Las Vegas

We all like to travel the world, but just occasionally it’s nice when the world comes to us. That’s exactly the experience you can have when you visit Las Vegas. Sure, it’s a little bit kitschy in parts, but nonetheless it’s a fascinating and impressive experience to visit some of the destination-oriented hotels along the […]

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The Most Visited States in the United States by Foreign Travelers (2012)

Are you curious to know which states receive the most visitors? Well, here is a list of the top ten most visited states in the United States in 2012 by overseas travelers – excluding Mexico and Canada – as recognized by the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, and the reasons travelers think they’re so […]

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The Best Day Spas in Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is known for its gambling and nightlife, it is also a superb place to de-stress and unwind, as the city offers plenty of high-quality spas where visitors can treat themselves to a number of excellent therapeutic treatments. So the next time you visit Las Vegas, think about treating yourself to a day […]

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Ten Best Destinations for Honeymooners

More than just a romantic getaway, a honeymoon is about creating memories that will last a lifetime. The destination selected for such an important life event has to be many things: romantic, exotic, fun and most importantly, memorable. Las Vegas, Nevada [Also see our travel article “What Happens in Vegas: Sin City’s Best Spas“] While […]

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