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The Ten Cities with the Best Nightlife in Asia

Sure, every continent has nightlife, but trust us when we say that no continent has nightlife like Asia! From the seedy clubs of Bangkok, to the high-end cocktail bars of Hong Kong, each one of these cities could seriously claim to have Asia’s best nightlife. But, alas, there can only be one city with the […]

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An Epic Night Out in Buenos Aires

A night out in vibrant Buenos Aires first requires a reset to your internal clock: dinner is never earlier than 10 p.m., and it can last for hours. Showing up to clubs before 2 or 3am is severely detrimental to one’s credibility. Locals are also excellent at pacing their alcohol consumption throughout the night (and […]

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An Epic Night Out in Taipei

Taipei and its nightlife often gets overlooked for the debauchery of Bangkok, the glitz of Hong Kong and the sheer size of Tokyo. But while Taiwan’s capital may have less in terms of quantity, the quality of its bars, dance clubs and live music venues has plenty to offer visitors. An unforgettable night out starts […]

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24 Hours in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, with nearly 1.4 million people calling it home. It’s a colorful melting pot of culture that has something for everyone, whether visitors are seeking the outdoors, art and cultural exhibitions, or gourmet food. Most travelers to the city will have more than just 24 hours, but let’s take a […]

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An Epic Night Out in Bangkok

Once the sun sets, all bets are off in Bangkok. Yes, the ladyboys and gogo girls and infamous ping pong shows are all around, but those looking for live music, cabaret, clubs, a world-class gay scene and more will find something to suit their tastes as well. An epic night out will more than likely […]

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The excavated ruins of the Minoan Palace at Malia.

Malia, Crete: History, Beaches and Nightlife

Malia is a major holiday resort on the northern coast of Crete, just over 30 km east of the island’s capital of Heraklion. The town is extremely popular, especially with young British tourists and in recent years it has become one of Europe’s hottest nightlife destinations. Along the town’s main strip there is a host […]

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24 Hours in Lisbon

Lisbon bears the distinct honor of being both the capital and the largest city in Portugal. It features extravagant architecture, charming cobblestoned streets and the kind of breathtaking scenes that create lasting memories on a holiday. These blessings mix curiously well with the contemporary vibe highlighted in its many trendy shops, eateries and bars. This […]

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Hedonistic Berlin – Hg2 Picks

Berlin is a place where yesterday meets now in a very real, sometimes unnerving, and always hip way. Berliners know great food and they know how to party, but sometimes the list of places to do those things in Berlin can be exhausting. Stylish city guide Hg2 | A Hedonist’s Guide To… gives their picks […]

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A young couple playing in the surf of Miami Beach.

Travel Guide to Miami and its Attractions

Turn Up The Heat The sky seems larger and colors seem to glow brighter in Miami’s sub-tropical paradise. Near the southernmost point of the peninsula of Florida and the United States, Miami stays warm, even through the winter months when other cities are feeling the chill. A sweater is rarely necessary with average winter temperatures […]

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