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Two Weeks in Chile

Chile is a narrow strip of land, stretching for thousands of kilometers, sandwiched between the Andes Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. From desert landscapes to glacial ice fields and a few modern metropolises thrown in for good measure, it’s a country that can genuinely claim to have something for everyone. We have prepared a […]

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Visiting Northumberland: England’s Last Wilderness

A traveller in search of wilderness is unlikely to look for it in England. They might fly into London, steel themselves to a few days crushed in the crowds visiting the capital’s historic and cultural monuments – before slipping off to Wales, Scotland or Ireland, to find space and peace. Even a once wild and […]

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Visiting East Timor: A Travelogue

I was just a junior in college when I first decided I wanted to go to the tiny nation of East Timor (or its official name, Timor Leste). For some reason I had decided to study Portuguese at the University of Washington and my professor had just spent the summer of 2000 volunteering in East […]

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