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The Sweet Side of Kensington Market on a Toronto Food Tour

Kensington Market is a quirky area in Toronto that makes up part of the larger Kensington neighborhood. Though it only stretches for a few blocks, it is densely packed with local and immigrant stores, and is an excellent representation of the city’s strong multicultural heritage. Though most Torontonians are familiar with Kensington Market, the neighborhood […]

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The crowd going wild for Montreal sensation Arcade Fire at Osheaga.

August Music Festivals in Canada 2013

Canada has got a ton of summertime music festivals – hey, you gotta do something to take your mind off the impending winter – that offer travelers a cool opportunity to both see the country and hear some great tunes. Unfortunately, the festivals are spread out across the world’s second largest country. Flight Network, the […]

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Canada’s Top Natural Attractions

Canada is truly a beautiful nation, and millions of tourists fly, drive and sail to the country each year to visit its great cities and to experience some of nature’s most spectacular wonders. It should come as no surprise that the world’s second largest country by geographic size would have a heap of attractions to […]

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The World’s Wildest Waters: Six Places Not to Swim

The waters of our planet are as vast and varied as the land, filled with mystery, beauty, danger and adventure. Oceans, seas, rivers and lakes beckon travelers who flock to their shores and banks, however, some of the most spectacular watery destinations are also the most deadly — if one dares to dip their toes. […]

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Visiting Niagara Falls in Ontario

Some people chase waterfalls, some people chase rainbows. On the Niagara peninsula, along the border between Ontario and New York, you can literally do both, wipe the dew from your hair, and then hit a winery for a taste of Canada’s iciest vintages. If you’re caught in the concrete tangles of Toronto and are looking […]

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The Best Day Spas in Toronto

Feeling lost in the hustle and bustle of Toronto? Take the time to relax and re-energize the mind and body at one of the city’s top day spas. These luxurious spas specialize in all types of different treatments designed to pamper visitors and put them at ease. The Quartz Crystal Spa at the Trump International […]

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The shadow of the CN Tower over downtown as seen from the tower's observation deck. Photo credit David Warrington.

24 Hours in Toronto

Toronto is often referred to as “the city of neighborhoods”, reflecting how each part of the city is unique, distinct and shaped by its ethnically diverse inhabitants. This makes it an especially interesting place to visit, as it’s possible to experience the rustic charm of a local Scottish pub and then dine at a modern […]

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