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An iDBUS coach at Paris' Bercy Station, which is both a rail station and a long-distance coach station.

Bus Travel: Europe’s Other Transportation

Travellers planning on visiting Europe often make big plans regarding Eurail passes or flights, but many forget about the long-haul bus services that the continent has to offer. But with so many different bus routes available, finding the right one at the right price can be tricky. Some are easy enough: one could just travel […]

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Making Sense of the London Airports

Flying into London can be an incredibly confusing experience for first-time travelers, as there are five airports serving Greater London and they are not exactly close to one another. Most long-haul international flights will arrive at one of either two airports, Gatwick or Heathrow. Otherwise Intra-European British Airways flights are likely to use London City, […]

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The Ten Busiest Airports in the World

Each year hundreds of millions of travelers take to the skies, but some airports are a bit busier than others. The following is a list of the world’s ten busiest airports by passenger traffic with some information on the airports themselves and the cities in which they reside. The data is from Airports Council International […]

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