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Canada’s Top Natural Attractions

Canada is truly a beautiful nation, and millions of tourists fly, drive and sail to the country each year to visit its great cities and to experience some of nature’s most spectacular wonders. It should come as no surprise that the world’s second largest country by geographic size would have a heap of attractions to […]

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Hiking Vancouver Island’s North Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island has become world renowned for its spectacular scenery and ancient old-growth forests. Every year hundreds of hikers undertake the 75-kilometer stretch along the rugged coastline, which is one of Canada’s eco-tourism highlights. However, there is another hike that is equally (if not more) challenging, and often gets overshadowed. […]

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Travel Guide to Vancouver Island and its Natural Attractions

Sitting snugly against the very western edge of Canada, Vancouver Island is vast, a sparsely populated wonder where the temperate rainforests of British Columbia meet the sea. This is a land of exploration and adventure, a place where a peaceful stroll through gardens in the morning leads to an adrenaline-boosting whale-watching excursion in the afternoon. […]

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