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Visiting Niagara Falls in Ontario

Some people chase waterfalls, some people chase rainbows. On the Niagara peninsula, along the border between Ontario and New York, you can literally do both, wipe the dew from your hair, and then hit a winery for a taste of Canada’s iciest vintages. If you’re caught in the concrete tangles of Toronto and are looking […]

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24 Hours in Lisbon

Lisbon bears the distinct honor of being both the capital and the largest city in Portugal. It features extravagant architecture, charming cobblestoned streets and the kind of breathtaking scenes that create lasting memories on a holiday. These blessings mix curiously well with the contemporary vibe highlighted in its many trendy shops, eateries and bars. This […]

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Travel Guide to the Loire Valley and its Chateaux

What’s The Allure? The Loire Valley — a breathtakingly picturesque stretch of land in the middle of France – is widely known for its magnificent historic towns, vineyards, and chateaux. Furthermore, its beautiful cascading green hills and peaceful landscape have made it the ideal muse for many an enamored writer, artist or poet. Parts of it […]

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